07.01.24 | Update

No passport required – International Targeting is here 🌎

Take your grassroots campaigns global! Speak4 now offers both federal and provincial targeting in Australia and Canada.
05.08.24 | Update

7 Secrets From Political Playbooks You Should Steal

Advocacy campaigns have an opportunity to learn from the political machine. Here are 7 tactics & tests from the political playbook to help supercharge your advocacy efforts.
04.03.24 | Update

NEW REPORT: 5 Corporate Advocacy Myths – Debunked

Don't fall for the myths making companies opt out of digital grassroots advocacy.
03.06.24 | Update

The State of Your Issue: SOTU Scenarios

Celebrations, challenges and sidesteps during POTUS’ address mean different scenarios for your issue advocacy campaign.
02.08.24 | Update

Ask Speak4: Single (Action Takers) Awareness Month 💔

Speak4 answers a letter from a lonely heart seeking connection with multi-action takers.
01.30.24 | Update

Let’s Get Local 📍

Just in time for election season, our GOTV feature is now live.
01.25.24 | Update

The Only 2024-Themed Advocacy Webinar Recap You Need to Read

What do you really need to give your advocacy campaigns a competitive edge in 2024?
01.09.24 | Update

Think outside the ballot box with GOTV 🗳️

Just in time for election season, our GOTV feature is now live.
12.12.23 | Update

A Profile of the Modern Advocate

We dug into Speak4 advocate data from 2023 (read: millions of actions) to determine the top trends going into next year. 
11.08.23 | Update

We’re seeing 🏆double 🏆

We're honored to be CampaignTech's Product of the Year and Best Advocacy Campaign Platform for the second year running.

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