Speak4 makes it simple for organizations to empower their supporters to speak up for the causes they believe in.

Frictionless Design

Fast, seamless setup
Engaging, simple user interface
Top-notch customer service

Data-Driven Performance

Send messages to lawmakers (local, state and federal)
Track campaign performance
Manage your supporters

Constant Innovation

API integrations
StoryTeller Mode
White labeling via form embeds

We know digital advocacy.

Speak4 was created by a team of experienced marketers, skilled technologists and award winning digital strategists who wanted a better tool to help organizations mobilize grassroots support online. 

We have decades of experience in all areas of digital advocacy. Our team members have helmed high-stakes political campaigns, launched laser-focused ad campaigns and designed cutting-edge apps. 

Our combined experience leads to our shared vision of what is needed for a digital advocacy tool:

  1. Personal, high-quality engagement
  2. Recurring, long term activism
  3. Simplicity and ease of use

This vision guides our work with Speak4. We keep our service simple, effective and constantly improving. The proof is in the platform…

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