Speak4 makes it simple for organizations to empower their supporters to speak up for the causes they believe in.

Simplicity Focus

Fast, painless setup
Intuitive, simple interface
Lightning-fast reporting

Constant Innovation

Send letters to lawmakers (local, state and federal)
Record testimonial videos
Drive petitions & more

Partnership Mindset

Top-notch customer service
Seamless integrations
Pay for the advocates you get

Why Speak4?

Speak4 is the simple, powerful solution to take your advocacy to the next level.

Created by professionals for professionals, our platform is built to answer the challenges our partners face in the digital advocacy space. We are nimble, innovative and constantly improving our platform with features and functionality – and we keep our tool as easy-to-use as possible on both the back and front ends.

One partner saw a 9x increase in conversion rates using our innovative Saved Advocate View function.

Our team built and rolled out our Regulations.gov integration in under one week for one of our partners’ campaigns.

One partner increased their total donations by 117% using Speak4’s custom redirects.

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