Frictionless By Design

Simply put: we get out of the way so your supporters can speak up for what matters.

Landing Page Builder

Our intuitive builder allows you to create dynamic campaign pages that are as effective as they are beautiful. You can even add a custom domain for extra flair.

Campaign Targeting

Easily navigate custom targeting by simply selecting which lawmakers you want to receive messages – at the local, state or federal level. Voilá – advocacy. Done.

User-Friendly Interface

Seamless integration with Facebook Lead Forms, prefilled advocate data and stress-free submissions mean your supporters spend less time confused and more time getting the word out about your cause.

Form Embeds

White labeling via form embeds to help you customize the look, feel and functionality of your campaigns.

Data-Driven Performance

Tracking campaign metrics has never been easier.


Filter your data by campaign, landing page, Facebook Lead Form, state and lawmaker to see where your campaigns are the most effective – and where you can improve.

Access Your Data

With a click of a button, quickly sort and export your advocate data whenever you want it – giving you complete control over your advocacy program.

Conversion Tracking

Add Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and other types of tracking code to your Speak4 landing pages, allowing you to see how your advocates are completing the submission process. 

Seamless Integrations

API integration via Zapier allows you to sync Speak4 with your CRM, email system and/or database. 

Federal Regulatory Targeting

Target documents by funneling comments via Facebook Lead Forms or our dynamic campaign pages.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Digital advocacy moves fast. We move faster.

Constant Innovation

We don’t just stay up-to-date with industry trends: we’re ahead of them. We anticipate what our clients could need before they need it. 

StoryTeller Mode

Advocates can send personalized messages to lawmakers via a short message, photo or video. A built-in review process makes sure you utilize stories most relevant to your cause.

Knowledgeable Support

Questions? Concerns? A late-night meltdown? We get it. Our whip-smart customer support team is there for you, when you need help. If you’re less of a people person, our detailed Guides walk you through solutions, step-by-step.