Our features were built on our founding principles of simplicity, innovation and partnership.

We keep our platform as streamlined as possible for ease-of-use on both the back and front ends, and we’re constantly innovating and optimizing for efficiency. 

We develop functionality in concert with our partners’ needs – ditching vanity metrics and instead focusing on features that prioritize high-quality, long-term activism. 

Check out our list of features below (and keep checking back – we move fast).


We follow the classic “KISS” method: Keep It Simple, Speak4. Check out how we elevated the basics of our platform:

User-Friendly Interface

Our seamless platform is our answer to legacy vendors’ overcomplicated, overstuffed offerings: we’re easy to navigate, whether you’re an entry-level agency associate or a CEO.

Intuitive Landing Page Builder

You don’t need to know HTML to quickly spin up one of our dynamic campaign pages. Upload a video background, add a custom domain, customize your confirmation page with a redirect to your donation page… the sky’s the limit, no CSS required.

White Labeling via Form Embeds

Gone are the days of mismatched advocacy tool embeds in your landing pages. Our While Labeling via Form Embeds feature allows you to seamlessly match your Speak4 submission form to your landing page styling with a simple copy and paste.

Zapier Integrations with More Than 5,000 Platforms

Never miss a beat when it comes to connecting your data. Our API integration via Zapier allows you to sync Speak4 with your CRM, email system and/or database.

Seamless Facebook Lead Form Integrations

No more broken integrations, lost leads or conflicting numbers. Our seamless Facebook Lead Form integrations ensure your advocates send messages to lawmakers and their data is flawlessly filtered into the back end of our platform.

Campaign Targeting

We make it easy to navigate targeting by simply selecting which lawmakers you want to receive messages – at the local, state, regulatory, committee or federal level. Voilá – advocacy. Done. (Want to target someone else? Our Custom Targeting feature allows you to drive messages to anyone with an email address or fax number.)

Data Tagging

Append your data with custom tags for easier measurement on the back end.


Advocacy moves fast. We move faster. As clients, we got tired of stagnant legacy vendors who failed to keep up with the demand of a changing advocacy landscape. Speak4 is leading the pack with smart, targeted innovation, including:

StoryTeller Mode

An industry first, StoryTeller Mode allows advocates to record personalized messages to lawmakers. With built-in back-end review, StoryTeller Mode allows you to deepen advocates’ engagement on your issue and lend your campaign the power of social proof.

Saved Advocate View

We automatically pre-fill your advocates’ information on Speak4 campaign pages to reduce friction and increase engagement. (One partner saw a 9x increase in conversions!)


For partners with a Core subscription and above, you can double your impact by generating a follow-up message on behalf of your advocates after a set number of days.

Message Scheduling

Timing is everything – which is why you can hold your advocates’ messages and schedule them to hit lawmakers’ inboxes on a given date.

Enhanced Reporting Features

Slice and dice your data – by advocate, messages, specifics actions, and more – and create saved reports for lightning-fast measurement.

Our Performance Marketing Toolkit

A suite of tools built to appeal to digital advocacy pros, including seamless Facebook Lead Form integrations, UTM tracking and reporting, URL pass through parameters, script tracking and more.

Message Variants/Advanced Messaging

Avoid message fatigue by sending rotating message variants to your targets – or send specific messages to specific targets.

Action Centers

Advocates take the wheel in a customizable, branded, easy-to-manage interactive Action Center that allows them to choose their state or the campaign that interests them.

Custom Fields

Gain deeper insights about your advocates with Custom Fields: text boxes, text areas, date pickers, checkboxes and multiple choice options.


Want to grow your list without sending a letter to lawmakers? No problem. Use our Petitions function to collect signatures (and emails) in a snap.


Think outside the ballot box with this simple, streamlined form that redirects based on advocate address to information on lawmakers, registration lookup, voter registration and absentee ballot requests.


We have seen the worst of what advocacy tools can be – unresponsive, unhelpful and unwilling to work with us. Our approach is informed by our experiences: having witnessed the worst, we want to be the best.

Partnership Approach

We don’t have “clients.” We have partners. We view you as an equal collaborator when it comes to our platform. Your ideas inform our development roadmap; your problems are our problems; your wins are a win for us. For example, we built our Partner Tools functionality to specifically benefit our agency partners, allowing them to run multiple campaigns, toggle between efforts and assign team members to designated campaigns.

Strategy Sessions

We’ve been in the advocacy space as clients, developers, agency pros and public affairs practitioners – and we know that nailing the right strategy can be complicated at best. Our Partner Success team offers Strategy Sessions to help you decide what functionality works best for your goals.

Partner Success

Our responsive, engaged Partner Success team is there for you for questions, set-up or a late-night meltdown (we’ve all had them). We’re a small, dedicated team – you’ll know our names and we’ll know yours.

Ready to roll?