May we take your hat?

Our non-profit partners juggle plenty of priorities. With Speak4, you get an extra pair of hands to help. Your mission becomes our mission. One of your many hats becomes ours.

Precision & Power

You don’t always need to outspend the competition. But you always need to outsmart them. 

We marry powerful functionality with precise targeting to ensure you get the maximum return on your advocacy campaigns.

We focus on building features that promote quality AND quantity when it comes to your advocates’ actions – tools like:


  • StoryTeller Mode: Industry-leading feature that allows advocates to record personalized video testimonials on your issue
  • Advanced Messaging with Recipient Groups: Send tailored messages to multiple recipient types in a single action (e.g., a letter to a lawmaker and a comment posted to
  • Message Scheduling: Allows partners to hold messages until a given date or control the flow of messages


  • Saved Advocate View: Prefills users’ information to reduce friction and increase conversion rates
  • Send+: Doubles the impact of your campaign by sending an automated follow-up message in a set number of days
  • Seamless Facebook Lead Form integrations: Connect at the Lead Form level to eliminate manual mapping and data loss between platforms

Driving Engagement – and Donations

Our features drive conversions, reduce your CPAs – and can help increase your donations.

Our conversion-boosters include:

Send+ increased the volume of messages delivered by 22% – without asking for a single extra action from advocates (or a dollar more from you).

Facebook Lead Form integrations, which allow users to submit a letter without leaving the social networking site. 

Mobile-optimized, dynamic campaign pages with Performance Marketing features like countdown clocks, progress bars and white-labeled form embeds to drive urgency.

These features work in tandem with our Custom Redirect option to carry your advocates’ momentum from activation into donation. See an example of how one of our partners increased donations by 117% with this simple tool.

Partnership Mindset

We take a partnership mindset to our work with nonprofits, so we can reduce your workload instead of adding to it.

Our robust Reporting Features allow you to preset and reschedule reports to hit your inbox daily or weekly. You spend less time manually pulling numbers and more time actually running your campaign (crazy, we know).

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