When President Biden concludes his fourth State of the Union address on Thursday, March 7th, his night might be drawing to a close – but your advocacy work will just be getting started. 

Celebrations, challenges and sidesteps during POTUS’ address mean different scenarios for your issue advocacy campaign. In the midst of it all, you’ll need to remain nimble with your grassroots strategy and ready to respond accordingly

Here’s how you should be prepared for how the State of the Union could impact your campaign:

Scenario 1: Your issue is celebrated and momentum is on your side.

Applauded by the President and members of Congress, your issue is the poster child for effective advocacy. But don’t let the limelight go to your head: capitalize on the momentum to strengthen your advocacy apparatus and build a robust army of supporters.

A couple advocacy tools to deploy from your advocacy toolkit (hint: missing any of the following? Let’s chat!)

Scenario 2: Your issue is challenged and you’re facing more scrutiny.

The President may challenge federal agencies to drive action against your issue. Even if there is no current, active threat to your campaign, your issue may soon be in the throes of activity (read: chaos). Against this backdrop, you don’t have a second to spare wondering if your advocacy tech can keep up to meet the challenges at hand.

Lean on these tools from your advocacy toolkit (and if need be, upgrade your toolkit) – so you can keep your eyes on the prize: 

Scenario 3: Your issue is not mentioned, leaving you to fight for attention.

In the face of a SOTU sidestep from the Administration, there’s no time to sit back and lick your wounds. 

Instead, consider one of the two following options: 

One: You can attempt to elbow your way in front of federal lawmakers and make the case for action now.

Or, two: You can bide your time, preparing in the wings for when national attention shifts to your issue. 

Regardless of your approach, you need a diverse and adept advocacy solution to support your strategy. 

If your elbows are out and focus is on pushing your issue in front of federal lawmakers, here’s the tools you must have: 

Maybe you’re more keen on waiting your turn and using the distraction from your issue as a chance to collect resources and build an army of supporters. Here’s the non-negotiables for bringing your strategy to life:

Facing a different scenario altogether? You need all hands on deck: starting with your advocacy tech. 

We’re here to give you options and make sure your toolkit stacks up. Let’s talk

Ready to roll?