Our team has seen it from our own experience at top firms: most legacy advocacy vendors don’t cut it for agencies.

If your clients require grassroots advocacy at scale, Speak4 is your ideal partner. We focus on three principles when it comes to our platform:




Speak4 is easy-to-use on the back and front ends of our platform; constantly innovating to accommodate a rapidly evolving advocacy landscape; and our tool is built through close collaboration with our partners to ensure we fit your (and your clients’) needs.

Example: Our Partner Tools feature was developed specifically for our agency partners, allowing them to toggle between efforts, assign team members to designated campaigns and run multiple campaigns at once.

See more examples of our unique approach to digital grassroots advocacy:

The Basics

Example of Speak4’s Facebook Lead Form integration.

The Upgrades

The Value-Adds

  • We prioritize Advocate Lifetime Value (ALV) – the number of actions an advocate takes in their lifetime –  in our development roadmap. We focus on building long-term relationships with your advocates to generate repeated actions instead of focusing only on driving single actions. Because your clients (and you) shouldn’t have to choose between quantity and quality.

  • StoryTeller Mode allows advocates to submit personalized video testimonials to your team to review and leverage in additional grasstops recruitment and organic or paid media content.

  • Our highly-customizable reporting suite allows you to visualize your top supporters based on Speak4’s “advocate scoring” – a summary of all engagement to date across campaigns and recipients. The platform supports lawmaker reporting to provide an overview of how often lawmakers are being reached and by whom. This represents just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Speak4 can offer for reporting.

What Our Agency Partners Are Saying

Switching to Speak4 was the right move for our team. Better customer service, faster updates, and features we actually use.

Tyler Brown, Hadron Strategies

We’re pumped to partner with Speak4 – they make it easy to launch campaigns that move the needle.

Collin Berglund, Rational 360

You focus on the things that make it easier.

Anthony Birch, Platform Communications

Ready to roll?