Associations face a unique set of advocacy challenges:

Diverse Stakeholders

Competitive (And Crowded) Environments

Siloed Tech Stacks

Speak4 helps unite associations, their member organizations and their advocates with a simple, effective platform that demonstrates marketable ROI while engaging your community.

Speak4 Helps Your Internal Team

Our goal is to integrate into your existing workflows – not take them over. Speak4 connects easily with more than 5,000+ platforms via Zapier, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep your CRM, your email sending provider and your social scheduler: we focus solely on making grassroots advocacy as impactful as possible.

We bring associations’ advocacy into the 21st century with features like:

Speak4 Helps Your Member Organizations

Head spinning with coordinating member organizations? Speak4 makes campaign management easy across states.

Speak4 Helps Your Advocates

Our platform is easy-to-use and primed for activation. We’re over the “one-and-done” model of advocacy. Instead, primed to help your association build an advocacy base that can be called upon again and again.

Seamless Facebook Lead Form integrations make the top of your advocacy funnel frictionless, allowing advocates to take action without ever leaving the social networking site.

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