11.16.22 | Update

Features on features on features

We've been innovating a LOT lately.
10.11.22 | Update

“How The Shakeup In Advocacy Tech Could Help Smaller Players – And Clients”

"Advocacy clients could see a renaissance of competition in the space following Quorum's acquisition of Capitol Canary."
08.24.22 | Update

Why Are Agencies Getting Screwed By Legacy Vendors?

Most legacy digital advocacy vendors just don’t cut it for agencies. We decided to change the market.
07.28.22 | Update

August features are now live!

New month, new features (yes, our developers are that good). This month, we’re rolling out two new exciting updates to our platform: Website white labeling via form embeds to help you customize the look, feel and functionality of your campaigns Seamless API integration via Zapier that allows you to sync Speak4 with your CRM/email system/database
06.16.22 | Update

Lights, camera… activation.

Speak4 is rolling out some exciting updates this month:
05.05.22 | Update

Speak4’s Performance Marketing Toolkit

Our performance marketing toolkit is the right choice for smart clients – and we’re collaborating with our partners to make the tool even better.
04.15.22 | Update

C&E: Public Affairs Startup Speak4 Sees Room for Disruption in the Advocacy Market

“I think the market is ripe for a little more disruption."
04.11.22 | Update

Advocacy. Done.

When the tool you have doesn’t do the job, you find a tool that does – or, in our case, you build your own.