We get it. Manually filling out forms takes time. And people are busy.

So we got busy.

In our never-ending quest to make the most frictionless digital advocacy tool on the market, we rolled out Saved Advocate View.

Saved Advocate View reduces friction during the advocate submission process by pre-filling their information on Speak4 pages.

How does it work?

  1. Cookies 🍪
    If an advocate has already interacted with a Speak4 page (ANY Speak4 page across any client or campaign), we support pre-filling their information via browser cookies (when cookie options are enabled on individual user devices).
  2. Expanded Pass-Through Parameters 🤓
    Speak4 now supports an expanded list of query parameters to accommodate a multitude of data field labels. Add your native field names to your Speak4 URL string or redirect URL string to move your advocates through the conversion funnel. Seamlessly.

Sounds too good to be true? Our partners put it to the test and already experienced results.

The best part: we rolled it out across our platform, so if you’re already a Speak4 partner, you don’t have to do anything except sit back and enjoy.

If you’re not a Speak4 partner, don’t leave a smarter, more seamless advocacy experience on the table. Schedule your demo now.

Ready to roll?