TL;DR: When our partners need to pivot, we’re prepared to make a detour on our roadmap.


CareRev is a technology platform that empowers healthcare professionals to take control of their careers and facilities to meet their staffing needs.

In 2022, CareRev needed to mobilize quickly on a specific issue that required a comment drive into They needed a partner that could seamlessly integrate with their existing tech stack (i.e., Salesforce and other CRMs) – and they needed to move fast.

CareRev opted to partner with Speak4: “Speak4 could ramp up and get us going faster than the rest.”

The Partnership

Speak4 had a integration planned for later in our development roadmap – but with CareRev’s imminent need, we pivoted.

CareRev’s contract was signed, onboarding completed, and our integration was live within one week.

The Results

Our partnership – and ability to stay flexible – resulted in CareRev surpassing their 100-comment goal within 24 hours.

I’ve done grassroots advocacy for 13 years. I’m incredibly impressed by how light and effective Speak4’s product is for my company. My organization has now learned the benefit of direct grassroots advocacy and we are pivoting for long-term success with a recruitment, engagement/education, and mobilization grassroots/grasstops strategy driven by Speak4.

Manthan Bhatt, CareRev’s Head of Government Affairs

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