Most legacy digital advocacy vendors just don’t cut it for agencies.

With decades of experience at top-level agencies, our team of professionals has seen it all: broken integrations; slow reporting; cumbersome platforms; and unresponsive customer service that doesn’t work in the fast-paced environment that agencies live in day-to-day. What’s worse, we’ve seen advocacy vendors actively seek to poach clients from agencies or cut out agencies entirely.

We saw firsthand that legacy vendors don’t care about agencies – so we decided to change the market.

We incubated Speak4 in direct response to this anti-agency trend in advocacy and took into account the many pain points we saw and experienced on a day-to-day basis. Having witnessed the worst of what legacy vendors could do, we were determined to create a tool that offered the best.

With a focus on simplicity, innovation, and partnerships, Speak4 offers the best digital advocacy tool for our partners and their clients.

Why Speak4?

Don’t take it from us…

Switching to Speak4 was the right move for our team. Better customer service, faster updates, and features we actually use.

Tyler Brown, Hadron Strategies

Thanks so much for building a tool that is easy to integrate with our tech and that our advertisers love using.

Ory Rinat, Urban Legend

We’re pumped to partner with Speak4 – they make it easy to launch campaigns that move the needle.

Collin Berglund, Rational 360

You focus on the things that make it easier.

Anthony Birch, Platform Communications

Want to level up your agency’s digital advocacy suite? Partner with us – we’d love to help you and your clients succeed.

Ready to roll?