Speak4 was created for professionals by professionals.

Our tool is for people who understand that long-term activism beats short-term gains; who value meaningful measurement over vanity metrics; who seek tools that work over bells and whistles that offer no value.

Our functionality – like our Performance Marketing Toolkit – was built to appeal to digital advocacy pros:

  • Seamless Facebook Lead Form Integrations
    • Speak4 seamlessly integrates with Facebook Lead Forms, including pre-filling advocate data, to ensure stress-free submissions for your advocates and headache-free management for you.
  • UTM Tracking & Reporting
    • Speak4 users can track and measure campaign performance via UTM parameters pulled directly into your reporting. 
    • Our reports are lightning fast – allowing you to quickly export and immediately track what works and what doesn’t.
  • URL Pass Thru Parameters
    • Our functionality allows you to personalize advocate data on landing pages via query strings, streamlining the process for your supporters to take action.
    • Once an advocate clicks “Send,” we can pass data from Speak4 onto other follow-up forms to encourage further engagement and cultivate long-term activism from users.
  • Script Tracking / Unique “Thank You” Pages
    • Our script tracking capabilities allow you to optimize your conversion tracking and get around ad tracking limitations.
    • White label landing page URLs give you the flexibility to align your advocacy effort to your broader campaign branding.

Wrapped up in our intuitive, easy-to-use interface, our performance marketing toolkit is the right choice for smart clients – and we’re collaborating with our partners to make the tool even better.

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