The dev team took spring cleaning to a whole new level.

We believe our partners should never settle when it comes to their digital advocacy tech stack.

For us, that means shaking off the dust and keeping our features fresh so our platform works as seamlessly as possible for our partners and their advocates.

This month’s deep clean resulted in several updates to our existing functionality.

Keep scrolling to learn more:

1. Passing Advocate Data to External Sites

Keep the pre-fill journey going and support a seamless user experience with our customizable outgoing parameters feature. This redirect setting not only pre-fills advocate data on any destination but also gives users the ability to customize parameters to match a target website, making integrations with donation pages and membership sign-ups a breeze.

2. Including Advocate Data in Call to Action 

Another updated feature allows partners to use multiple types of naming parameters in the dynamic content section of the landing page. This means that the brackets used in the call to action of the heading and body sections are responsive to different prompts – i.e. using {{fn}} or {{fname}} in the first name field – which increases efficiency when passing through advocate data.

3. Additional Landing Page Settings
Confirmations just got even more customizable. Now, partners can personalize the subject line in confirmation emails sent to advocates after they take action or disable sending a confirmation email altogether.

4. Adding Scripts to Specific Landing Pages

Users now have the option to apply custom scripts to each of their landing pages using the “custom scripts” box. This update increases flexibility by supporting custom tracking and styling per landing page instead of by account. 

5. Social Share Override Settings
Now, partners can customize the look and feel of a campaign’s Social Share – the title, description and image shared to an advocate’s social channel after they take action. 

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