Congratulations – you survived the holidays. Now, your reward is the year ahead: a year of political uncertainty, shifting tech trends and more competition than ever for advocates’ attention.

Sound intimidating? Don’t worry – Speak4’s got your back. We’ve put together an all-star panel to discuss what you NEED to know to drive advocates to take action in 2024.

Join us Thursday, January 18 from 12pm-1pm ET for The Only 2024-Themed Advocacy Webinar You Need To Attend. 

During the webinar, you will: 

  • Hear from speakers Grant Greenberg (Partner, FGS Global), Anthony Birch (Vice President of Marketing & Digital Strategy, Platform Communications) and Speak4 COO Rebekah Gudeman on forecasts for 2024
  • Get a readout of findings from Speak4’s recent report, A Profile of the Modern Advocate
  • See firsthand how Speak4 can offer your next advocacy campaign a competitive edge in 2024 

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