By Sean J. Miller

“I think the market is ripe for a little more disruption,” said Joe Mansour, who’s been a partner at both shops. “We’ve been incubated and supported by the team at PLUS Communications, and that’s given us the resources and support to scale this pretty quickly.”

The company’s origin story goes back to the start of the pandemic. “In the depths of the covid pandemic I saw a lot of our clients were turning exclusively to digital advocacy channels [because they] couldn’t do fly-ins to lobby their lawmakers on their issues,” Mansour said. “They couldn’t do in-person meetings or town halls. It was all relying on digital channels.”

As a practitioner who was using the tools to advocate through those digital channels, Mansour saw “system flaws and problems” with existing platforms — problems that weren’t being addressed, he said, despite being raised with the providers. It caused enough frustration that they: “… got fed up. We’re like, screw this, ‘let’s go build our own mouse trap.’ That was sort of the genesis.”

Ready to roll?