Speak4 is rolling out some exciting updates this month:

1. StoryTeller Mode

StoryTeller Mode is officially LIVE – meaning you can now collect personalized videos from your advocates for your Speak4 campaign.

With an intuitive interface and built-in review on the back end, StoryTeller Mode makes capturing testimonials from advocates simple.

What’s more, we hosted a webinar on StoryTeller Mode’s features, examples of the tool in action and digital advocacy best practices.

Watch it here:

2. Urban Legend Scores 4X the Conversions with Speak4

Speak4 recently partnered with influencer marketing platform Urban Legend to drive regulatory comments to lawmakers on a critical environmental issue. 

Thanks to the seamless integration between platforms, the client saw conversion rates more than 4x higher than those of similar campaigns driven by Facebook ads and hosted on other platforms. 

We’re thrilled with our clients’ results thus far and look forward to seeing how StoryTeller Mode takes your campaigns to the next level.

Ready to roll?