Speak4 was recently featured in Campaigns & Elections‘ newsletter (hat tip to Sean Miller).

Read an excerpt from the newsletter here:

Advocacy clients could see a renaissance of competition in the space following Quorum’s acquisition of Capitol Canary. That’s according to Erik Rosedahl, a newly minted VP of advocacy at GOP shop TLC Political.

An advocacy veteran, Rosedahl previously served as head of alliances and stakeholder impact at Phone2Action, which rebranded to Capitol Canary before the acquisition in September.

“It’s interesting to see how Phone2Action and Quorum were there to change the world and take on the legacy vendors and now they’ve become the legacy vendors,” he told C&E.Now, even in Rosedahl’s new role, he’s not exactly a neutral observer. He’s a senior advisor to public affairs startup Speak4. Despite Speak4, Urban Legend and others now facing competition from an even larger market dominator, he sees the tie-up between Quorum and Phone2Action as an opportunity.

“What I think is going to happen is you’re going to see innovation again,” he said. “It’ll help the smaller startups. There will be challengers again.” Ultimately, he sees the advocacy industry shifting away from recruiting larger and larger cohorts of volunteers to a more targeted approach.

“When I first started in politics, we would always say, ‘we want millions and millions of advocates to take action.’ And now that’s not necessarily the case,” he said. “It’s finding the best 500 advocates in a congressional district. It’s very targeted.”

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