The Dev team at Speak4 did some spring cleaning for our partners – and the results are pretty fresh 🫧

We rolled out two new features that broaden the type of data you can collect from your advocates – Custom Fields and Petitions.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allows you to gain deeper insights about your advocates’ preferences and motivations for sending a message to lawmakers.

You can now include five new types of fields to collect more information from advocates upon submission:

  1. Text Boxes for short responses
  2. Text Areas for longer, formatted responses
  3. Date Pickers for date responses
  4. Checkboxes, including binary “yes/no” responses or to collect opt-ins
  5. Multiple Choice for pre-selected answers
Sample of campaign page with Custom Fields.
Sample of campaign page with Custom Fields (highlighting drop down).


We launched the Petition option to support our partners looking to grow their list of supporters. 

Now, Speak4 partners can direct advocates to a campaign page that drives them to “sign a petition” without sending a message to lawmakers.

Sample of regular campaign page (not Petition).
Sample of campaign page (Petition).

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