Is an “all-in-one” digital advocacy solution what you really need?

Joe Mansour has your answer in this Campaigns & Elections piece:

In 2023, convenience reigns supreme. We get food delivered on demand; infinite shows to stream; an endless array of apps to swipe and scroll through during our workday.

So, when a digital advocacy vendor offers an “all-in-one” solution, clients hear the siren song of convenience:

We’ll do it all for you – email, CRM, everything. All you have to do is say yes.

It’s tempting – and for some, it’s the right call. But not for all.

At Speak4, we believe there’s a smarter, simpler way to offer powerful, effective digital advocacy. By rejecting the “all-in-one” model in favor of a specialized approach, we put our principles of simplicity, innovation and partnership to work – and it works for our partners. Here’s how.

Ready to roll?