Business leaders have many competing priorities and goals. You want to focus on getting customers’ hands on your product. Anything else may feel like a distraction.

However, in today’s political and legislative environment, businesses can’t afford to opt-out.

Your company needs to stay responsive to the world in which you operate –  a world of rapidly shifting regulations and hyper-conscious consumers invested in companies’ missions and values as much as their product offerings. It’s critical to communicate and build support with customers and allies on important issues impacting your business.

Speak4 makes it simple to take on grassroots advocacy work for your corporation without sacrificing your other business priorities. 

See how we streamline digital advocacy for our corporate partners to create a straightforward  experience for business leaders and advocates alike:

Headache-Free Lawmaker Contacts

You know you need to get a message to a lawmaker when it matters. You don’t have time for cumbersome functionality that requires extensive training to use (on both your end and the advocate’s end) – and you certainly don’t have bandwidth to deal with broken tech once your campaign is already running.

How Speak4 Can Help: 

We’re all about simplicity. 

Quality AND Quantity Activations

To have staying power with lawmakers in an overcrowded advocacy environment, your campaign needs both quality AND quantity actions. Your message needs to break through creatively and consistently to capture and hold decision makers’ attention.

How Speak4 Can Help

Innovation is one of our key principles – and we only develop features that help our partners get results.

We Reinforce – Not Replace – Your Current Tech Stack

How Speak4 Can Help

We built Speak4 to integrate seamlessly with your current tech stack – no exceptions.

Measurement That Makes Sense

How do you know you’re actually moving the needle with your campaign? You need a platform that ditches vanity metrics and identifies the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to help your team make smart decisions.

How Speak4 Can Help 

Speak4 was built by professionals, for professionals. Our reporting functions reflect our deep experience in optimizing campaigns for maximum performance:

When facing the deluge of corporate to-dos, it can feel overwhelming to add “assess digital advocacy” to your plate. As outlined above, our goal is to cross more items off your list instead of adding to it: we keep our platform simple, prioritize both quantity and quality, integrate into your existing workflows and make your progress measurable. 

Speak4 is ready to help carry your corporate campaign over the finish line. You in?

Ready to roll?